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    Oscar and the entire staff is incredible!
    I'm always pleased with the service.

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    I'm not a review person, but this time I must do it!!!!.
    I bought a mini cooper in an auction, and when I picked up the car, I realize that the car was all flooded. Of course I didn't know that those kind of cars have the computers in the ground. Well, that day I could start the car, but nothing else was working properly (GPS, Windows didn't go up or down, Bunch of lights on in the dashboard, and A/C wasn't working) basically the car was 90% broken.
    After 3 days. my car didn't start AT ALL. It was completely broken.
    I took the car to 2 different places, and I can even mention the name of those car shops.
    1- I took it to Discount Car Clinic in Sugar Land, TX. basically they recommended me to sell the car immediately because it was un-repairable.... Really??????? and besides that, they charged me $165 for the diagnostic. Are you kidding me???
    2- Then I took the car to the dealership. when they realize that the car was flooded. they told me that they are going to charge me $1350 just for the full diagnostic, and then of course I have to pay for the labor and parts. they gave me an estimate quote of $5650... again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????. Immediately I picked up the car on the same day.
    3- I was looking online for a reliable mechanic that could help me with my car (after 4 months)
    and I found this Rapid all auto. I decided to give me one more chance and took the car there.

    Well well, at the beginning I had a little hard time to find the place because, apparently the address is not been changed by google, so if you are going there. CALL FIRST AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT ADDRESS.
    When I got there on a Monday, I saw this luxury place and I thought "This place should be really expensive"
    Immediately after my arrival, the owner "Cesar" came out and started speaking with me.
    I explained to him what was the situation of my car and he asked me to live the car.
    By the next day, he had a full diagnostic on the car and not only that, he also had the estimate of my repair with all the parts and the labor as well. Total $1700.
    Of course I was so excite and I told him go ahead and fix everything. By the following Saturday he sent me an email saying "Sir, your car is ready to be picked up". When I got there to pick up my car, guess what?? I had my new Mini cooper 100% fixed.

    I recommend this place 150%. the owner is an excellent person, very reliable, and actually I forgot to mention that, he will send you a copy of the invoices of the parts, so you can see how much each part cost.

    Again, I'm so glad to meet this place. I will definitely take all my cars to this place.
    Well done!!!!

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    Took my 2005 mini to Rapid after getting the clutch the clutch, flywheel, and rear main engine replaced elsewhere. They charged $3,500. Rapid had estimated $1,083, but I thought the other shop was more experienced, even though far away. Rapid had done a oil change on it 2 months earlier. It was leaking oil badly and the other shop said their work was ok and it needed oil pan gasket. Rapid said rear main seal was the leak, but at my direction, relaced oil pan, filter housing, and timing cover gaskets, as well as front crank seal, oil pressure sender and oil drain plug. $700 tab. Still leaked. Other shop said gasket work was bad. Rapid said rear seal was the leak but offered to redo their work. A transmission shop looked over night and said rear main was bad. The seal shop said other stuff needed redo, would replace, but charge if leak stopped. Leak still there after redo. They then replaced the rear main seal. Leak still there. They then changed mechanic and did the 3rd main seal. LEAK STOPPED.

    Rapid was very professional throughout. Very confident. Very clean shop. MY NEW LOCAL SHOP.

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    I have used rapid all auto for almost 2 years now and I will never use another auto shop! Rapid all auto has incredible customer service and most importantly I know I can trust them to do a great job at a great price! Take your car in and you'll feel the same!!

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    I drive a 2013 VW GTI and I had stripped my stud while trying to replace my down pipe. I looked at about 5 different shops before I landed here. I got the reference through another shop that said Rapid could likely get the work done faster than them. They were right.

    Many of the other shops that work on "high end" cars like lambo/Ferrari/benz that I went to looked like junkyards. Crowded, dirty, no room to work. Rapid had a large open space shop and was very clean on the inside. TC (Caesar) the shop owner helped me out and was honest about everything that COULD happen, none of the problems happened. He gave me a good quote and even installed some extra parts I brought in for a small fee. Work was done in the amount of time quoted. Work was done very well. I was treated well and updated often enough for comfort.

    I highly recommend this shop. This is not a BS review from an associate of the shop, but an honest one. Feel free to DM me if you need a personal recommendation. I will be back here to do my suspension mod and services from here on out.

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    Rapid All Auto just replaced an A/C compressor in my 2007 Honda Accord. I first circulated a Request for Quote on Yelp. Rapid All Auto won. The experience was hassle free. I received a 2 year warranty. Rapid Auto is located near the West Belfort Park and Ride. They dropped me off and picked me up from the bus stop in a timely manner. If anyone lives in the Southwest suburbs and works downtown this is the way to go. I will be having all my future auto repairs at Rapid All Auto.

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    Was referred from Little Shop of Motors as they only work with European cars. I then requested a quote from Rapid All Auto through yelp for replacing ignition coils etc., and Cesar responded very quickly with a much cheaper and reasonable price compared to the 3 different scam repair shops I went to. Cesar was thorough and straghtforward on what they envision their shop as, which is to only to repair what is needed. No hidden additional repairs to be added and charged afterwards. 2 hours later, my car is running as strong as ever

    Bottom line is that I finally found my go-to mechanic guy. Take your car in for repair and see for yourself.

    PS. The shop is located behind the Walgreens at the intersection.

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    This place is great. Cesar helped me a lot and won me over with a great bid for a timing belt.

    This shop is not only clean, but everyone is highly professional at what they do. I spent the whole day here waiting for a understandably lengthy job and it felt like home. They have a TV with all the streaming services for customers, wifi and a subway closeby for lunch. These guys also allow you to walk over to your car when they're working on it at anytime to see the progress on your fix. They'll show you all the parts and walk you through exactly what they're doing.

    This is my first review on Yelp, but I highly recommend going here. They work on everything from Honda's to Bentley's! Thanks again Cesar!